Non-Technical Losses

Choice Revenue Intelligence® is fully customizable and includes a highly intuitive user interface.

To support the use cases required to execute the business process, the platform is segmented into 3 bundles, each one of them including a specific set of functionalities.

Each functionality of these bundles excel on providing a superior customer experience, easing daily routines while boosting business value.

Sample Functionalities included in the bundles

Customer Analysis

Gathers together a comprehensive set of details for each customer, visible on a single screen, empowering the business user to each customer experience with the company. Advanced search capabilities are also provided.


Interfaces with Google Maps API, providing a comprehensive a geographic User Interface that empowers them to select inspection targets directly on the map. Field inspections can be fine-tuned according to Customer Propensity, Financial Impact and Geographic Location of each customer.

Additional filter options help to refine inspection targets combining these 3 components to further increase productivity.

Monitor Results

Allows business users to monitor the execution of the main KPIs.

Advanced KPIs

Make use of +100 predefined reports that measure all the dimensions of the business process, with additional options to modify or build new reports. Sample reports include the Optimal Quantity of Inspections, Real Financial Return on Inspection, Inspection Team Monitoring and Rule/Pattern Effectiveness Monitoring, naming a few.

Pattern Recognition and Business Simulation

Create your own fraud patterns leveraging your team’s knowledge and experience.
The User Interface is very intuitive, similar to drag-and-drop, to create business rules and simulate expected effectiveness, recovered and added revenue and overall productivity.

External Patterns

This is the complementary approach, not rip and replace. Utilities may take full advantage of other algorithms or Machine Learning initiatives build on different technologies (Python, Knime or any other), uploading this set of data into Choice Revenue Intelligence® and combine it with all the complete set of functionality included in the platform.